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Chateaux & Museums

There are plenty of illustrious cultural and historical sites to visit around the campsite. To help guide you on your exploration of southern Brittany, we have selected a few for you. In Sarzeau, at the southern tip of the Gulf of Morbihan, you can visit the superb Château de Suscinio, once home to the Dukes of Brittany, standing proudly in the lush green countryside, In the 19th century the ruins of the fort were a listed historic monument but just a century later it was restored back to life.

A few miles south-east in Vannes, you will find the cider museum, a real treat for fans of this traditional Breton drink. Learn about the manufacturing techniques, apple selecting process etc…

History enthusiasts will love the History and Archeology museum located in the centre of the medieval town of Vannes. Learn a few facts and stories from the Neolithic period, the Middle Ages and the the history of the past few centuries.

If you are interested in Breton culture, don't miss a trip to the Breton Resistance Museum located a few miles from Vannes. You can learn about life in the largest hideout in Brittany and of the Bretons' combat in 1944 before the arrival of their Norman allies.

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